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Macro Clicker – Various Automating tools in one kit


John -The Doe

John -The Doe

The macroclicker.com site has a wide range of macro recorders and auto clickers to choose from. It is a one stop solution for all your auto clicking needs. The site itself has brief descriptions of all the software on sale. In this article we have described the software in greater details for our readers’ convenience. Read on to know more!

Macro Recorder:

The Macro Recorder is a powerful automation tool. Besides automating mouse clicks, this software can automate various keyboard clicks too. With the help of this software one can easily control their mouse and keyboard automatically. What truly sets this auto clicker apart is its ability to recognise pictures on screen. If your auto clicker can recognise pictorial depictions on screen, the automation becomes all the more efficient. 

How to use the Macro Recorder?

The Macro Recorder is available in two versions. The ‘lite’ version can be purchased for $20 while the premium version can be purchased for $40.
  • Once the software package is purchased, you would need to install it on your computer. After the installation process is over you shall find a shortcut created for this auto clicker.
  • Now that you double click on the shortcut icon, the Macro Recorder window opens up. In this window, you should go and click on ‘Smart Click’.
  • Now move your cursor to the desired target location where you wish the software to auto click. Also, click on the target location to cut a small picture of it. This picture will guide the software to identify the target location. 
  • Now, in the ‘Search picture’ window (refer to the screenshot below), click on the ‘OK’ button to create an action. Name the action created by you as the ‘Step name’.
  • Click on the ‘Play’ button and your assigned task shall be executed. The Macro Recorder will automatically move the cursor to the target location and start clicking.
  • This way you can enlist a series of tasks that the Macro Recorder will execute sequentially.
Now that we know how to use the Macro Recorder let’s have a look at some of the features:
  • All mouse and keyboard actions can be easily simulated and recorded
  • The recorded actions can be replayed and the tasks will be performed with same accuracy
  • A standout feature, it can find pictures on the screen
  • While and For loops can be created
  • The actions can be edited, redone and undone
Besides these basic features that are available in the ‘Lite’ version, there are many more advanced features offered in the premium, more expensive version. Some of them are:
  • Variables can be created and renamed easily
  • Clipboard text can be monitored
  • Registry operations supported
  • The script can be run in debug mode
  • Custom windows can be created

Uses of Macro Recorder:

As it is essentially an auto clicker automating various mouse and keyboard actions, it can practically automate almost everything on a computer. It is like setting your computer on ‘Autopilot’ mode. 
  • The Macro recorder can be used for automating actions in a web browser
  • It can be used for playing various computer games
  • It can also be used for automated software testing

Why is the Macro Recorder different?

Unlike auto clickers, Macro Recorder is an advanced tool which can perform tasks with greater precision and accuracy.
  • Smart Clicker: Apart from using the static X/Y coordinates, the Macro Recorder can instead identify desired target location with the help of pictures or OCR texts.
  • Maintains consistency in window sizes and positions: While recording actions, the Macro Recorder also learns the size and position of the program window. Next time that the same set of actions is run, the software, by itself adjusts the window size and position to what it was while recording.
  • The interface is simple and beginner friendly. There is no need for prior programming knowledge.
  • The software uses smart algorithms due to which shaky mouse movements are turned into smooth curves or lines. You can also configure the software in a way that only the click gets executed while the simulated mouse movements on the screen are excluded.
Therefore, the Macro Recorder not only automates various mouse and keyboard clicks to save time and effort but it does so in a smart way. What really sets it apart is the precision and accuracy with which it executes the tasks. We totally recommend it!

Action Recorder:

The macroclicker.com offers several other software besides the Macro Recorder. Action Recorder is one of them. This too is an automation tool capable of automating and simulating a wide range of mouse and keyboard actions. It allows for these actions to be recorded and replayed. You can also use this software to create scheduled tasks. This software should help you save a lot of time and effort and can be very useful. One can buy it from the macroclicker.com site for just $19.95.

Some of its features are:

  • A multitude of mouse and keyboard functions can be recorded and repeated with the same precision.
  • During playback, you can alter the speed (faster or slower, depending on the need)
  • The number of repetitions and delays between repeats can be set as per requirement
  • Scheduled tasks can be created
  • Accompanied by an auto clicker and an auto presser.

How to use?

  • After installation, when you open the Action Recorder, a window appears where there are two big buttons- ‘Record’ and ‘Repeat’. Thus, the interface is very easy to navigate and understand. All you need to do is click on ‘Record’ and carry out whatever mouse and keyboard related tasks you want.
  • After you are done performing whatever tasks you were, click on the ‘Stop’ button present on the lower right corner of the window. Alternatively, you can also press ‘Shift + F2’ to stop the process of recording.
  • After you have stopped recording, the software itself will prompt you to save the recording. Click on ‘OK’ in the pop-up window that appears to save the recording. (You can rename the recording as per your wish)
  • Now that you have saved the recording, you can select the same in the list present at the bottom of the window and click on ‘Repeat’. 

Auto Presser:

Next on the list, we have the Auto Presser. As the name suggests, this software is capable of pressing a designated key automatically. It is particularly useful for playing games that would require the players to press and hold a key for a long time. This is an extremely tedious job but necessary if you wish to progress in the game. This is where the Auto Presser steps in to save  your time and effort significantly. While the Auto Presser will keep the key pressed, you will be able to use both hands to the game in a more comfortable way. The Auto Presser software can be started and stopped with the help of hotkeys.Unlike the Macro Recorder and the Action Recorder, this Auto Presser is a very cheap software. You can buy it from www.macroclicker.com for an amount of $4.95 (discounted price).

Some of its key features are:

  • It can press and hold any key continuously 
  • You can manipulate the delay time between two consecutive presses as per your need
  • The the presser can be started and stopped as and when need
  • It is a very easy to use software. Hotkeys can be used to start and stop the software while playing games.
This software is very simple to use given the fact that it can only perform one function. After installing, when you run this Auto Presser a window opens that has only two buttons- a ‘Start’ button and a ‘Stop’ button. There is a drop down list from where you can select the type of click you would want the presser to hold. You can even set key modifiers like ‘Shift’, ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Alt’ by checking the box against these three options. After you have set everything in this window, switch over to the gaming window. Here you can either press ‘Ctrl + F1’ to start the presser or you can reopen the Auto Presser window and click on the ‘Start’ button. Similarly, to stop the program, you can either press ‘Ctrl + F2’ or you can press the ‘Stop’ button in the Auto Presser  window. This is an affordable software which can prove beneficial for gamers. However, it is no competitor of the Macro recorder as it can only perform one function. It is a good choice for those who have specific needs.

Auto Clicker:

The Auto Clicker is an efficient tool for clicking automatically at predefined positions. This is a mouse click simulator that would help you get rid of repetitive mouse work. You can determine the click count as either the total number of clicks, or the total duration of clicks. You also have to set the time interval and the target location for the software to start clicking. This auto clicker can be purchased from www.macroclicker.com for $4.95 (discounted price). This is an inexpensive tool that you can use to save a lot of effort. It is a great option if you wish to play idle games where you need to keep clicking on the screen.

Features of the Auto Clicker:

  • Dynamic auto clicker- clicks at the current position of the cursor
  • It can also keep clicking at a fixed point
  • You can customise the clicker as per your need. You can set the total clicking duration, the total number of clicks, the time interval and the target location.
  • You can start and stop the clicker whenever you wish.

How to use?

Just like the Auto Presser discussed above, this Auto Clicker too has a highly simplified interface with only two buttons for starting and stopping the clicker. Users can either set the tidal number of clicks or the total duration of clicks. You will be required to enter a value for click interval milliseconds. Right below the click interval bar, you shall see two drop drop menus- one for choosing the mouse button, the other for choosing the type of action. You will also have to choose whether you want the clicker to click at dynamic cursor position or click at some fixed point. If you want the clicker to click at a fixed point, you will have to specify the coordinates of the location target. Then you can start the clicker either by pressing the button or by pressing ‘Ctrl + F1’ manually.

How to purchase these software?

Now that you know all about the software available for sale on www.macroclicker.com , in order to purchase any of it go to the site. On the home page itself you will find the option to buy individual software. Else you can also go and click on the ‘Purchase’ button present on the same bar as home. There you will find a list of all the software with their respective prices. Once you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button you will be redirected to the payment page. After a successful payment  you will receive the full version of the software that you purchased via an email. This process may take upto a few minutes. If you are not satisfied or if there is some problem with the software you will be eligible for a 30 Days refund policy. A major advantage to purchasing software from macroclicker.com is that you shall receive technical support throughout your life and that too free of cost. There are over 30,000 satisfied customers across the globe. Any software that you download from this site is clean and safe, and it does not expose your computer to any risk or malware. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a software for the purpose of automation you can definitely look up the software on this website.