GG comes as a chrome extension- Know everything

After looking for a solid chrome extension that can click automatically in the web browser chrome, and failing, we came up with the GG Auto clicker chrome extension.

It’s a tool packed with all the basic features that you need to automate the clicks on the web pages.

Here is a brief of the features available for users.

Click Interval – lets you select the interval between two subsequent clicks. The shorter the interval, the faster the clicks. For instance: if you choose 1 millisecond, it will give a really fast clicking speed. The maximum speed you can achieve, however, depends on your system, internet speed and the website you are clicking on.

Click type and mouse button – lets you choose between right and left clicks. Also lets you select between single and double click.

Click repeat – if you choose the “never stop” option, the number of times it will click (if uninterrupted) is infinite. It will go on and on. You can also set a specific number and it will stop after that amount of clicks.

Click location – You can either choose the current location of your cursor, or pick the location from anywhere on the screen.

Reset settings – It brings you back to the default settings of the auto clicker.

Save settings – It saves your custom settings in the tool, and it will work according to that until you reset the settings.


Let’s discuss the shortcuts available for you.

To play – Press Ctrl + , (both windows & mac)

To stop – Press Ctrl + . (both windows & mac)

And to pick X-Y coordinates from screen – Press Ctrl + /

Here’s the download link of our chrome extension.

If you find any bugs, or require new features to be added to the subsequent updates, email us on [email protected]

We will be waiting for your feedback.


Hey, hey what’s good everybody- This is Adam. I am a full time developer and senior gaming editor at various big publications. It has been a series of disappointments for me that led me to making my own auto-clicker. GG has changed the way mouse clicks are automated, GG is an auto-clicker for all your gaming and shopping needs and we are still advancing it every months jotting in more cool and helpful features for all my gaming fellas out there free of cost.

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