About the Author

Hi, I am Adam Anderson, the brain behind this project.

I am a full time developer, gamer and a part-time story teller. I have been playing games much before I could spell my own name and as a kid, I was overly enthusiastic about beating the s*** out of other players. I work as a freelancer, writing complex codes and difficult algorithms for my clients as a full time coder.

But it all really started recently in 2020 while I was playing Minecraft with some of my friends and realized that the continous digging for stones and other logistics becomes so tiredsome that you want to leave the game and do something else.

I looked for some cool tricks to get a way around but could not find a reliable source telling me about it. That’s when I started Autoclicker.gg and started gathering all the right information around auto clickers.

From reviewing different autoclickers in the market like GS, Mod Auto clicker, OP and Murgee to writing detailed guides on using them in games, I have covered it all!

You can find out various articles written around how to’s and applications of auto clickers on this website.

My favorite auto clicker is MOD as it gives you the freedom to not just select the mouse settings and various automations around your clicks, but also records your clicks, saves them in a file so you can share it with your friends, saving them hours of efforts to find the perfect combination for different situations in games, shopping etc.

My buddies have even used it to stock the limited edition Nike and Adidas for themselves 😉

Make full use of the knowledge and feel free to reach out to me on [email protected] if you get stuck.

I hope you have a wonderful experience getting your way through the auto clickers and finding out the best one for your needs.