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An Autoclicker that Actually Works!

Are you looking to ease your clicking job and save yourself from carpal tunnel or just utter boredom of clicking 100 times an hour till your wrists just give up? Well, right place to be at friend, an auto clicker can help you automate your clicks wherever and however you wish to click on the screen without you touching the mouse.
These days it is oh so common to use auto clickers for software testing, data entry automation, webpage refreshing, buying your favourite jordans or playing click heavy games like minecraft, cookie clicker, roblox, anything that needs you to click on your screen for insane amount of times and can be automated. .

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GG Auto Clicker

our amazing features

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advance recording

Our auto clicker lets you record your clicks, re-run them infinitely and also download the file and send it to your friends for help copping and winning

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Multiple Features

We provide you an accessible interface to find all functions at a place, no extra clicks for y’all.

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free of cost

Need to say it more, everything you need for any clicking business and for 0 penny.

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We have made you a friendly changeable, customisable anyway hotkey settings.

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gaming friendly

WBe it minecraft, clicker games or coping your favourite jordans, GG is easy, never blocked and monitored 24*7. Leave the sweat to us, you get it, favourite human.

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customise time delay

This will save you a lot of hassle and re-recording or calibrating, setup the time delay between consecutive clicks in seconds, milliseconds, minutes or even hours.

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debugging/active refresh

Hate when it dies, decide what happens once the loop is complete to your PC, or keep it awake in between.

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keeps the PC safe

We are not *about* it, that’s just not us. We keep your PC safe and our ethics and rep intact.

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about us

Y’all, hear hear when we say this, best auto clicker for games, bookings and scoring your favourite sneakers-

The whole team has faced countless issues with auto clickers which are free, or had to pay a major pocket break amount to get the ones which work well but have limited scope. Well, we got tired of it and *guess what* made a rager. is free of cost tool, works better than any free or paid tool, does everything from advance recording to putting custom delays, coordinates and kind of clicks. Tell me what, the hotkey settings are customisable to the T. An auto clicker which lets you do anything and everything, and comes with no cost, a dream, is that not?

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working process

How it works

step 1


Download the exe from the first top button or by clicking here on this box you are at, do it, click that button!

step 2


There you go tiger, we have your exe in your computer’s download bar, give it a swoosh and a click and we are good to go.

step 3


All that's left, is to enjoy and tell me if we killed it like we thought we did, c’mon. .


GG auto clicker screenshots

It is very easy to use and let us show you how-

video tutorial

user review

Letting the users spill the tea-

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general faqs

How do I turn on the auto clicker?
Well, considering you have already downloaded and installed it. Before you turn on an already installed auto clicker in your Windows 10 PCs, just “run the program as an administrator” and set click interval, click options, click type, and click position. Once done, just press the hotkey to turn it on.
No, a free non-paid GG auto clicker is not a virus. It is genuine software made to simulate mouse clicks. There are no ads or promotions inside the tool which might irritate the users. Go ahead, give it a try.
Yes, the free auto clicker is 100% safe. GG Auto Clicker is a 100% genuine user oriented tool, You can use it to mimic mouse or keyboard clicks. It doesn’t contain any malware. We have developed and tested it across various systems and uploaded the file on virustotal. Our website is the sole marketing platform for this tool. There are no flags or false positives. You can be totally sure about the file and it will not affect your system in any way.
In my humble opinion, GG Auto Clicker is the best auto clicker that comes jam-packed with basic and advanced features, namely automated mouse-clicking, click interval, click options, click type, and click position. Our team has been through so many ups and downs and researched all nighters to develop a clicker that caters all. It also supports keyboard input recording and automates the same. In our opinion, the MOD auto clicker is the best one available. You can also check the OP Auto clicker and GS auto clicker.
Too much coffee maybe? Haha, it gives you wings. Well, continuously clicking on the mouse as fast as possible, with any one of your fingers is called Jitter clicking. But lemme tell you what- when you use two fingers to press simultaneously on the mouse to click fast, it’s called butterfly clicking. Flappity flap!
There are both kinds of options available in the market – Free and premium. Some of the free tools have a premium set of features at an added cost like remouse. You can also pay a developer to create a custom auto clicker for your needs. We have everything for free in GG and also, works better than any clicker in the market *tried and tested*.
Well, the fastest clicker can perform up to 30,000-50,000 clicks per second *they say* but in my years of experience, I have never witnessed it and it sounds a bit too much for any usage though. However, it also depends on the system’s speed and processing. You should also have a fast internet connection for the same. GG can go and supports your need of fast or slow till any brim you need, need not worry.
No, Windows 10 doesn’t come with a prebuilt auto clicker. But, you can download any reliable tool like GG, MOD, OP, or GS from the web as they are all available for windows PC and offer a good number of features.
Some popular auto clickers like ours GG, OP, GS and MOD come free of cost, while some others like Remouse or Macro recorder have premium features and cost for them as well. Some of the free options might display ads or other promotions sometimes. But again, GG provides you everything for free, premium features as well.
Well, that would be a dream haha but no, mac- macbooks and iMacs or iPads don't come with any such in-built feature. You can download a third party tool to perform an automated sequence of clicks and keystrokes.
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