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John -The Doe

John -The Doe

In various activities, we need to click continuously on our mouse pads. Sometimes, it is less and our fingers can manage. But other times, your fingers just give up. To solve this problem, we have developed GG Auto clicker. This is an upgrade from various tools you see online for automating mouse clicks. Firstly, we have a version for Windows as well as Chrome. This covers a wide range of automation tasks we do in day to day life.  Secondly, we have combined various auto clickers in one, which means you get a wide range of features from click type, location and delay to record and save. When you’re playing a game, or doing any sort of activity that requires continuous clicking, you can’t move from one tool to another continuously.  Having all the features at one place definitely helps. Lastly, we have kept our interface clean and pleasing for users. We have put special attention to the ease of use, so that it’s a delightful experience for you when you use GG. We have plans to move into android, as well as iOS. So in future, you will get the widest range of auto clickers right here on our platform. Remember, our products are free and cost you nothing. So if you want to leave a review on the chrome store, feel free to do so here.