How to Play Skyrim with an Auto Clicker? (Tips and Gameplay)

Skyrim is one of the most popular open-world games on the internet. This is a never-ending game with a huge number of quests and missions. A player can also get lost in the game if they do not stick to the storyline.

 Like every other game, it also requires fast reflexes and puzzle-solving skills. This game requires a lot of patience as well as time. Players can perform numerous activities within the game and make it more exciting than ever.

In this post, I’ve featured detailed insights into Skyrim, its gameplay along with how you can effectively use an auto clicker with the game. Moreover, I have also added some bonus tips and tricks to be a pro in the game using auto clickers. So let’s dive in. 

Skyrim: The Elder Scroll V  — Overview

Bethesda Game Studios created Skyrim and this is the 5th version of The Elder Scroll series. The story of the game continues after the 4th instalment “Oblivion”. The story of the game revolves around a character named The Dragonborn and his main objective is to save the world from a dragon called Alduin the World-Eater. This game is available on almost every gaming console.

Skyrim is an open-world action RPG game where the player has to develop skills by performing different tasks and missions. Like all the other open-world games, the player can roam freely in the game as well. The creators of this game used the Creation Engine specifically for this game. The character can go out of the main storyline whenever he wants and explore the world on their own.

When this game was released it received criticism and praise both. Its graphics, design, character development, and dual-wielding combat are one of a kind. In November 2021, the Anniversary edition was released. This game also has a VR version which gives you the full experience of augmented reality.

Skyrim Gameplay: In a Nutshell

This RPG game can be played in the first person or third person. The player can go anywhere in the world of Skyrim. This open-world game has villages, fortresses, cities, wilderness, caves, cities, dungeons, and towns. The player can go to these places on foot or travel using a horse. The game has many NPCs and most of them have purposes in the game. The player can fight, talk, and marry these non-playable characters.

If a player kills an NPC unnecessarily then they might not get access to some quests and rewards. Once a player commits a crime in the game, their bounty is given to the nine holds of Skyrim. The player can get rid of the bounty using gold, serving jail time, or resisting arrest which ends up in combat. 

At the start, the player has the ability to create a character. They can choose from different races such as humans, elves, orcs, lizard-like creatures, etc. They can also customize their character’s appearance however they want. The player can get up to 18 skills in the game which are divided into three classes such as magic, combat, and stealth.

What is an Auto Clicker?

Auto-Clicker is a software or macro that imitates mouse click on the computer screen. Once you record a mouse activity using an auto clicker then it will automate that response. From settings, you can choose how many clicks you want and for how long. There are many simple and complex options for the tool in market.

Auto clickers help players in automating the clicks and removing the hassle. There are some options for the tool which not only simulate mouse clicks but also imitate keyboard functions. 

How An Auto Clicker will help you play Skyrim?

Skyrim is full of adventures where you have to perform many different tasks. In some tasks, you will need to click repeatedly. This process can be painful for your wrist and fingers. That’s where auto clicker software comes in. It simulates mouse clicks to complete different levels without you having to click continuously.

They have an option where you can record clicks so that they can imitate the same response to complete tasks. You can focus on other elements of the game instead of focusing on clicking repeatedly. There are three reliable options that will work easily on a complex game like Skyrim. Here are they:

  1. Mod Auto Clicker
  2. GS Auto Clicker
  3. OP Auto Clicker

I’ve used these three in the game and all of them are effective in the game. They have similar features in a different interface.

How To Use Mod Auto Clicker in Skyrim?

Mod Auto Clicker works really well on Skyrim that is why I personally recommend this one. This auto clicker can also perform specific clicks once you record your response. Let’s see how it will work in the game:

Combat Sequence:

Step 1. Open the auto clicker and you will see that it has many options. Set Up a Hotkey in the starting. Do not click on the play button without entering the hot key otherwise, you won’t be able to stop the software.

Step 2. Start the game. Before engaging in combat hit the record button in the tool. You have to fight at least 1-2 fights manually so that the auto clicker can capture that particular action and imitate it exactly in other fights.

Step 3. Now you have recorded a fight sequence. Save that recording in your storage. It will be a .txt file. The recording will save all your clicking and typing actions. Now, whenever you engage in combat just play the recording and see that it will fight just like you do manually.


Step 1. There are many options available on the home tab of Mod Auto Clicker. These options help you in solving similar puzzles and quests. The recording feature can not be used here because every puzzle is different from one another. Let’s take an example of the Skyrim temple puzzle where you need to click repeatedly in different places to complete it.

Step 2. First of all, select the click type. There are two options: Select Mouse Button and Select Click Type. Now go to the count section and enter a manual count number or you can just select repeat until stopped.

Step 3. Go to the Delay option and set a delay timer and delay range. Now in the Location section just select a random location on screen or mouse location. There are more specific location options available such as Fixed Location for the X and Y-axis. Enter coordinates of the X and Y axis to get clicks on specific locations.

Step 4. Now you have set up all the options. Start the game and press hotkey to start the auto clicker and just wait and watch how it solves the puzzle of the game.

Become A Pro in Skyrim using an Auto Clicker

The events of Skyrim are set 201 years in the future after Oblivion. To gain certain skills, the player needs to perform different tasks simultaneously. I’m sharing some of my all-time favorite tips to be more efficient in this game. 

  • Do combat manually first using the record option of the auto clicker. Once it captures all your movements of the combat then it can imitate that same response in other combats. Attack, dodge, block all three actions can be performed using the tool.
  • To use an auto clicker in puzzles, you need to record the response of solving a puzzle. After that, you can use it to solve similar puzzles. However, please note not all puzzles in the game are similar, so choose carefully. 
  • You can also use the tool to run faster in the game. You can go from one place to another without clicking. Just navigate the mouse for direction so you don’t get lost along the way.

Final Verdict

Skyrim is a complicated game that requires you to stay on the main storyline to complete the game. Otherwise, you can get stuck in the game even after completing so many tasks. The anniversary edition of the game just launched and this version looks much better than the older versions.

In the last dragon fight, you have to fight manually because it requires many actions which only a person can do, not a tool. Alduin the dragon is the strongest combatant in the game and you might die a few times. So I would suggest you make a strategy before facing him.

Auto clickers not only help in combat missions but also can be useful to complete different clicking missions. I personally use them to complete a few missions to save time and progress quickly in the game.