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How to record, download and send your loop to *those in need*?


John -The Doe

John -The Doe

GG Auto clicker has two tabs. One is the HOME tab where you have the usual click options to setup the click automation of mouse, like click delay, click location, click type and hotkey settings. But as a brand who always does more and better for our users, we have developed the RECORD features in our tool, and that too free of cost unlike many of our competitors. When you go to the RECORD tab, you have the option to start a sequence of clicks on your PC by pressing the record button at the bottom. With each click, it will record the clicks in a tabular form in the software itself. In the table, you see three options right now (more to be added, soon).
  1. Click Type - Left or Right.
  2. Click Location - The X-Y coordinates: Wherever you click, the tool will keep recording the coordinates.
  3. Click Delay - The delay between two clicks.
You can re-play this sequence. In the top right, you have two more options.
  • Upload
  • Save
Through these two options, you can save the entire table in a txt file which can be shared with your friends. And you can also upload the text file again to perform the sequence at a later stage. If you're playing a game or shopping, you can create an entire sequence and share it with your friends easily so they don't have to go through the entire process again.