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How to use an auto clicker for minecraft gameplay?


John -The Doe

John -The Doe

Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game with no possible ending. You can also see RPG elements in this game. The game is totally click-based. Whether you mine, build, destroy or fight, you'll do it just by clicking the mouse.  A click-based game can be exciting as well as boring at the same time. Doing the same thing over and over again can be exhausting. An auto clicker can help you overcome boredom and can do what you do in the game.  In this post, we are going to tell you how you can use an auto clicker to play Minecraft without being banned.   Let's get started! 

Minecraft - The Gameplay 

What you do, how you play, or what you build in Minecraft is totally up to you. The basic agenda of the player is to roam freely through the world and find resources. The resources allow you to build your own structures, buildings, weapons, etc. Some resources are rare and difficult to find so you can deeply explore as much as you want. Basically, there are five modes in the game. 1. Survival Mode: In this mode, you get a health bar. If it ends, you die in the game. Throughout the game, you must find resources to build shelter while looking out for enemies such as zombies and Creepers 2. Creative Mode: If you want to just build your imagination, the creative mode is the key. In this mode, you get access to all the resources. You can also fly to navigate and build tall buildings. Most of the gamers try to recreate real-life famous buildings, landmarks, castles, or objects from science fiction movies.  3. Adventure Mode: In this mode, you can explore adventures and maps built by other gamers. Or you can just create your own world. This mode might be super easy or extremely hard, so you must play carefully. While creating your map, you can add puzzles, quests, and creatures as you imagine. In this mode, you can also play and fight against real players. The one who got exceptional mouse skills wins the fight.  4. Hardcore Mode: This mode is only available in Microsoft Java Edition. This is the hardest and challenging mode of all. This ultimate survival plays with the player's mind. You can only equip things that are really necessary whether it is food, health, experience, or health. Unnecessary things can lead you to defeat.  5. Spectator Mode: This mode is actually related to adventure mode but it isn't necessary for you to play. You can just visit and watch other gamers' maps without interacting. You are just a ghost who is wandering all over the map and nobody can watch you. This mode can be very helpful as it can guide you on how you can create your world perfectly.  Except for Spectator mode, all of them required heavy mouse-clicking whether it is mining, building, jumping, or even fighting against players. That's why so many players around the world use Auto Clicker for their benefit. When it comes to showing skills, gamers also use it in the Arena and so can you. But if you are not using precautions, it can lead to a permanent ban. So let's know what this software is and how you can use it. 

What is an Auto Clicker? 

Basically, Auto Clicker is a piece of software that imitates mouse clicks and mouse actions on your computer screen. Moreover, it can click multiple times faster than a human can. That's why auto clickers are mainly used in incremental games to save time and also get rid of finger aches.   In Minecraft, players set the auto clicker according to their actions such as digging, building, killing monsters, and also using weapons in the arena. 

Best Auto Clickers for Minecraft 

There are a lot of incremental and clicker games in the market, so do the auto clickers. But you can't rely on every auto clicker you see on the internet. You have to be very careful while choosing an auto clicker because most of the games demand a specific setup.  Especially for Minecraft, there are three auto clickers that fulfil all the requirements that the game demands. 
  • OP Auto Clicker 
  • Mod Auto Clicker 
Most of the players prefer OP Auto Clicker as their crucial option because it offers a very suitable setup and user interface to its users. So we will be using OP Auto Clicker in this post.

How to use OP Auto Clicker in Minecraft? 

OP Auto Clicker has multiple clicking options along with the clicking location setup. You don't have to be very experienced to customize the auto clicker for the game. It is easily available on the internet and you can download it for free.  Follow the instructions carefully to use the software properly.  Step 1. After downloading, when you open the exe file of the auto clicker you'll see various options in its window. But first, you have to set the Click Interval. This is the most crucial part as you have to set it up differently for each mode. For Survival, Creative, and Hardcore mode, you can set the time delay as you prefer (0 milliseconds gives you the fastest clicks). But if you are playing Adventure or PvP mode, make sure you set Click Interval 90-100 milliseconds or more. It will only allow you 14-15 clicks per second which is acceptable. Step 2. Set the mouse button to Left and Single click type from the Click Options.  Step 3. In the next section, select the Repeat Until Stopped option for non-stop automated clicks or set it clicks in number.  Step 4. Choose Current Location from the Cursor Position section. It allows the auto clicker to click on your dynamic cursor's location. So you have to just move the cursor towards the clicking target. Step 5. Set your preferred hotkey from Hotkey settings or just go with the default key.  Step 6. All you have to do is start the game and press the hotkey to start the automation. Make sure you pick your tool or weapons according to the situation before pressing the hotkey. If you're done, you can press the hotkey again to stop the auto clicker.  Note. In PvP or Survival mode, you have to be very precise with camera angles so you can execute maximum damage while fighting against enemies. 

Perks and Disadvantages of using an Auto Clicker in Minecraft 

Using an auto clicker can be helpful and harmful at the same time. On one side it can save your time and help you create things faster. And on the other side, it can also lead you to ban. But you can avoid this situation if you are careful. 


The auto clicker lets you build, destroy, and attack faster than any human can. And OP Auto Clicker can reach up to 1000 CPS (click per second) where a person can barely reach 10. With this, you can gather resources very quickly and survive the hoards of zombies, mobs, creepers, and monsters. You can also unlock rare achievements faster than other players. Overall, the auto clicker makes the game easier for both beginner and advanced gamers. 


Minecraft is a very decorated game and is known for its excellence. This is why their monitoring systems are very upgraded. As you can see, auto clickers give players a lot of unfair advantages. If you use it against real players and they suspect your actions, they can report your account. And if the system finds your clicking actions unusual, you can get temporary and sometimes permanent bans. After a lot of research, we found Minecraft only considered 15-16 CPS as fair play. So you can always check your auto clicker's CPS on Click Speed Test and set accordingly (10-15 CPS is the best option). 

Few Tricks and Tips to Master Minecraft 

We have found some tricks and loopholes in the game that can help you become a pro without using an auto clicker. 
  • You can make a snow golem and take it with you using a lead. It leaves a snow trail that can help you find your way home. It also throws snowballs that can keep the mobs away from you. 
  • You can save yourself from the creeper's explosion damage even if you have no shield, weapon, or armor. Just place a block in front of the creeper or TNT as soon as it is about to blow. 
  • Books of enchantment are usually used to upgrade your weapons, tools, and armor. But it can also help you light a campfire using a fire aspect. This is a useful trick if you don't have a flint and steel.
  • Did you know you can break tall blocks of sand using just a torch? Just break the lower block and instantly place a torch. This way the blocks will immediately fall down. 


That's all we got from our experience with Minecraft and playing with an auto clicker. And there's a lot of things you can experience from this amazing software. Try not to overuse it in PvP and Adventure mode for safety purposes. After all, playing fair is still above all.