Hey Siri, break down IDLE CLICKER GAMES for me, please.

Beyond my abilities but let me try: Breaking down Idle Clicker games for you, like a pro: Hello my friend, looks like you are stuck with loop of clicking in idle clicker games and getting high on winning rush of these small but crazy insane loops and wins. You want to know all about it and I want the same for you, we cant let my 4 years of experience of playing all clicker games to exist ever go to shame, can we?

So let’s ruff it up- Incremental games otherwise known as idle games or clicker games is a video game format where all the player needs to do is- click. By clicking on the screen they can earn in-game currencies or generate revenue which they can later use to make in-game purchases or upgrades. Though the action is pretty simple, it feels really great to play such games because you can progress easily and purchasing upgrades, etc. are an added incentive that is sure to keep you hooked.

Why are these games so trending?

Idle games are a breed of games that have limited interactivity but the numbers (points or rewards) keep increasing rapidly. These games are immensely popular. How? Well firstly, we as humans love to progress. As we see those numbers go up, it gives a surreal feeling of achievement and satisfaction. Secondly, the way we access these games has changed over the years. Initially we were required to download a software, install it and save all the game data locally.

Things have drastically changed now. These games are easily available online and do not require the user to burden themselves or their machines with downloading and saving. Also, these games are pretty simple to understand and are target oriented, which helps maintain a steady retention rate.

Idle games require the least of your attention but at the same time gives you the good feeling of completing levels, progressing and winning rewards.

What is *literally* so addicting in these games?

Dude, how do I tell you this but sometimes they give me the rush when nike drops air jordan 1s and everybody and their mother is waiting for it and I just can’t seem to get hold of a pair for me, but I still try every-time- Yes! These idle games are extremely addictive and rewarding IMO because we love to see success and progress for ourselves. Even if you are not particularly addicted to the specific game which is me, hello nice to meet you e-game twin, that you are playing, you are addicted to the steady progress and the constant increment. I KNOW!

Simply put, these games satiate our need to do better. Such games place more emphasis on extrinsic rewards than intrinsic ones. For example, in Clicker Heroes when you defeat the monster and collect coins that is an extrinsic form of reward. An intrinsic reward is intangible; it is the nice memory of working together as a team for months to accomplish a particular goal. Clicker games takes this philosophy of extrinsic rewarding to the extreme, and that engages the players THE MOST.

Also, the freedom to purchase upgrades and ammunition and use them to better your game and expedite further progress is extremely lucrative and hence very addictive. Although these games are essentially all the same, their mechanics, plot and instant gratification rush varies to keep the player interested and that is why there are so many different incremental games out there in the market.

even logitech seems to me *simping hard* on clicker games-

Who should be playing this game?

Everybody, yes I said everyone should. I mean it’s like asking if my mother and me both should have a pair of halloween experimental, c’mon. You might be of any age, you might be into any profession and you shall enjoy the experience equally. Such games can be really engaging and yet allow you to multitask. For example, AdVenture Capitalist is one such game that can run in the background. Even when you close the game, you will still make money if you have already assigned managers to your ventures. YES! You read that right.

Clicker games have no particular target audience, per se, as it caters to everyone and makes everyone feel welcomed and a part of it. The steady progress and the experience of purchasing upgrades and progressing in the game is very rewarding. Such games are a huge stress reliever and a good medium to channel all the stress without putting in much effort. I started cookie clicker and adventure capitalist as a way of chilling and relaxing after a taxing day of work and ever since, it has been like a salt bubble bath for me, it relaxes and easies me in ways I never knew something could, haha.

How to enhance/expedite progress in Idle games?

Games like Cookie Clicker require the player to keep continuously clicking on the big cookie to collect smaller cookies as reward. In Realm Grinder, you need to click at various locations in your realm to collect reward. For playing Clicker Heroes or Crusaders of Lost Idol, the faster you click on the monster, the greater damage you inflict on it.

Thus, fast clicking is integral for progressing in idle games. Manual clicking is troublesome, my wrist and the 3 dominant fingers hurt like it is nobody’s business and my CTS flares back up, and time-consuming OH MEI GOOOOOOOOD, it takes so much time to just keep clicking manually. Therefore to perform the repetitive task of clicking you can use an auto clicker. I use an autoclicker, it has just been a help, god sent nothing more and to you too my friend; it will not only help you save time and effort, but will also simulate clicks at a much higher rate.

About Autoclicker:

An auto clicker is a readily available software that automates or simulates a variety of clicks. These are usually free software which are very light weight and do not burden the computer. Most auto clickers can automate both mouse and keyboard clicks. 

You quite honestly might even use a combination of the two. There are features using which the user may record a list of actions that they wish the clicker to carry out. An auto clicker is usually capable of either clicking at a fixed point on the screen or follow the dynamic location of the cursor or both, get a clicker which can do everything flawlessly for you.

Using an auto clicker one can control the click rate, the total number of clicks, and the interval between two consecutive clicks. The auto clicker can be run for either a time period specified for the user, or they can be run on the “run until stopped” mode, which again LIFESAVER. With the help of an auto clicker you can achieve faster clicking rates and progress quickly in click-based games like Cookie Clicker. You can also delegate the job of collecting rewards and making purchases to the clicker by recording the actions as a list. This way you can limit your interaction further with the game.

Here are the basic step you can follow to use an auto clicker:

Give it a read, it will help you operate/get any auto clicker with ease-

  • Download and install any auto clicking software from a verified and safe site.
  • Run the software on your device by clicking on the icon.
  • You will have to choose the type of click you wish to simulate.
  • Also to advance your loop or customise, you can change the time interval between two consecutive clicks, the total duration for which you want the clicker to click, and the position where the clicker ought to click.
  • After you have completed the setup, you can either click on the ‘start’ button or press the default hotkey to activate the clicker.
  • If you have specified the total duration of the clicker, it will automatically stop once the time period elapses. If you have chosen the ‘Repeat until stopped’ option, you can either press the ‘stop’ button or press the hotkey.

Usually we keep the minimum time interval between two consecutive clicks for playing clicker based games. Instead of specifying the position of the clicker you can also make it follow the dynamic position of the cursor.

Some of the widely used auto clicking software are: GS Auto Clicker, OP Auto Clicker, MOD Auto Clicker.

5 Best Idle Clicker Game & auto clicker you can use to play them-

1. Cookie Clicker-

This has to be one of the best idle games that has been in the market for about 8 years now. It is a game that has no ending, but has hundreds of rewards and upgrades that the player can aim for. If the player consistently plays the game and uses the help of some auto clicker, then they can easily become top scorers by collecting a massive number of cookies.

Playing the game is really simple. The user has to keep clicking on a big cookie on the screen. With each click they earn a single cookie. These collected cookies can be spent for making in-game purchases of assets like ‘cursors’, buildings producing cookies automatically etc. The players can also use the collected cookies to upgrade, which helps them enhance the click efficiency as well as allows the player to earn cookies in more different ways.

Since progress greatly depends on the number of cookies that you collect by clicking, using an auto clicker will help progress much faster than traditional manual clicking. You can initially define a particular area on the screen (on the big cookie) where the auto clicker will keep clicking at the highest rate. As you keep collecting more rewards, you can use the clicker in dynamic mode to make purchases.

-Recommended Auto Clicker: OP Auto Clicker/ MOD Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker can be used by both Mac as well as Windows users. It can be used by professionals and beginners alike. Users can set the time interval between two consecutive clicks. For playing Cookie Clicker we set the interval at the lowest possible value, to get the highest click rate per second (more clicks per second implies more cookies collected).

Watch mike literally losing his mind over just cookies, he has lost it, it is so much fun and so can you cmon.

2. Realm Grinder-

In this game, you are the ruler of a small kingdom which you need to expand. This is also a click-based game where the player will get coins every time they click on one part of the realm. The coins collected can be spent on making buildings, which shall automatically generate more income. Particularly inns and blacksmiths, these buildings shall keep generating income automatically, even if you are offline. The player has to, however, make decisions that decide the direction in which their kingdom goes (either a good or an evil kingdom). As per the choice, the player can form alliances with other kingdoms that will give them access to unique buildings and upgrades.

The kind of game Realm Grinder is, auto clicking is surely an important feature to have at your disposal. There are several ways you can gain automatic clicks in the game itself. These automatic clicks can be earned as rewards. Since these rewards are also a part of the game, they will allow automatic clicks but only for a limited time at a  moderate speed. This is definitely faster than manual clicking and will momentarily expedite your progress, but if you want to progress more rapidly you can use an external auto clicker. You can train your auto clicker to click at various parts of the screen to generate more coins. The positions and the number of clicks at each location can be specified by the user.

-Recommended auto clicker: MOD Auto Clicker

This is another freeware that is very easy to use and hence widely popular among the players.You can use it to automate both ‘left’ and ‘right’ clicks, adjust the time interval and fix the total number of clicks. You can set the ‘X’ and ‘Y’ coordinates of the position where you want the clicker to click. If you input more than one pair of coordinates, the clicker clicks in a sequential fashion. Therefore, you can set a sequence of all the places in your realm where you want the clicker to click, and also specify the duration for which you want it to click.

So, when I tell you people have been obsessed with it, I mean it and if you don’t believe me, watch the dhow go down below-

3. AdVenture Capitalist:-

AdVenture Capitalist projects its players as entrepreneurs. They start with a single lemonade stand. The more lemonade they sell, the more revenue is generated with which they can buy new businesses. With newer ventures, the profit increases while the rate at which goods are produced also increases. Therefore, from one lemonade stand you can go on to owning big companies, making movies and even running banks. As the number of ventures increase, the player can hire managers in the game to look after each individual venture.

Initially, the more times you click on the lemonade stand, the more sales you make. Thus if you want to significantly increase your lemonade sale and move on to buying new businesses, you can use an auto clicker that will click at a very high speed on the lemonade stand.

-Recommended auto clicker: MOD Auto Clicker

In AdVenture Capitalist, the player is only expected to click the mouse button continuously so that they can increase the lemonade sale. Therefore, Auto Mouse Click is a great choice for playing this game as the clicker can only simulate mouse clicks at very high rates. It has one of the simplest user interfaces. Users can easily pick the coordinates on the screen, sequentially list down all the actions it wants the clicker to perform and run it as a loop (if need be).

Okay, insanity to gather so much, am I right but then-

4. Crusader of the Lost Idols-

Here, you are the leader of a group of heroes who fight demons (pretty much like Captain America and the Avengers!). Every time you and your army defeats an enemy, you shall earn gold. With this you can purchase newer abilities and upgrades for each individual hero and also help the small initial army grow into a bigger and stronger one, capable of more damage in lesser time. In Crusaders of Lost Idols, you need to pay attention to the formation and grouping of your soldiers, so that more damage is inflicted on the enemy. It is definitely an idle game that has a side of tactics to it.

Initially you can use your auto clicker in the fixed position mode by fixing the position on the enemy. However, as the game progresses and you need to regroup and rearrange your army’s formation, you can do so by using the clicker in the dynamic mode, following the movement of your cursor. After the rearrangement, you can again switch to the fixed mode. The list of actions can be recorded and can be re-executed in future.

-Recommended auto clicker: OP Auto Clicker/ MOD Auto Clicker

OP Auto Clicker is one of the most trusted auto clickers in the market. Here you can either have the clicker follow the dynamic cursor position or you can specifically pick the position coordinates yourself. Since there is some decision making involved in Crusaders of the Lost Idols, you can use a combination of both the modes- specific position clicking when you are attacking the enemy and dynamic clicking when making formations.

This doesn’t top the list of clicker games for me, but it still maintains its position on the top. It reminisces me of young time when I play it, although I am only 25 but still young times man, feels like old pal in gaming though.

5. Clicker Heroes-

In Clicker Heroes, you can keep clicking on the monster and destroy it completely till it drops coins. You start off as a single soldier, but as you progress you can recruit more soldiers and allies that will automatically defeat and destroy the monsters and increase the total coins earned. Akin with the other incremental games, you can use the coins to purchase upgrades for each individual member of your army. Initially, each click does a ‘single point’ damage to the enemy, but as the strength of the army goes up, every click inflicts much more damage to the enemy.

Just like in Crusader of Lost Idols, here too you can start off by using an auto clicker in the fixed mode. However, unlike the Crusaders game, here the arrangement of the characters does not play much of a role. Thus, the auto clicker should just change position with the changing position of the enemy.

-Recommended auto clicker: GS Auto Clicker/ MOD Auto Clicker

In Clicker Heroes you require the clicker to change positions with monsters. Therefore you can enter a list of position coordinate pairs (as per the position of the monsters) where the clicker will click sequentially. You can also make the clicker follow the dynamic position of the cursor.

Okay you won’t believe what dangerously funny did on clicker heroes: