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Getting Started Guide – Windows Version


John -The Doe

John -The Doe

In this article, we will be talking about the settings and all other features of the windows version. If you want to know about the chrome extension, check the guide right here. So let’s begin. We have two screens on GG Auto clicker.
  1. Home screen
  2. Record screen
On the home screen, we have the following set of features:

Click Type 

You can choose between left, right mouse clicks and single double click type. 


You can choose the number of times the clicks should happen, or click on “Repeat until stopped” for an unlimited number of clicks.


Do you want a fixed delay between two clicks, or set a delay range to pick up randomly from? You can do it in the delay section. The available unit is millisecond.


The tool offers four sub categories in location.
  1. Random on screen - You can choose to click randomly over your entire screen. 
  2. Fixed location - You can enter the x-y coordinates of a fixed point and the tool will only click there.
  3. Mouse location - The tool will pick up the location from the current location of your cursor and keep clicking there.
  4. Select area - this is interesting. You can select any area and the tool will randomly click within that range. You can add X-Y coordinates and width & height of any specific area as well, if you have these specifications with you.
Using hotkey settings, you can choose any hotkey which will help you start and pause the auto clicker. Remember that in Windows, there are some predefined keys and combinations which you can not use here, for example, F1, F4 etc.  Now let’s talk about:

RECORD screen

This is a unique feature of the tool where you can record an entire sequence of clicks and later have the tool repeat it for you. Basically, you can perform an entire set of actions and the tool will keep recording it in the form of a table. It will record the action “right or left click” with “double or single” click type, the X-Y coordinate of the click and the time delay between two clicks. Once you have the entire table ready, you  now have various options. Either you can save it in the form of a script, and use it later. This will be a .txt file. Or you can play the same sequence using the hotkey or play button on the tool. During the entire operation, if you think you want to stop the playback, just press F2 key. If you have some predefined sequence in txt format, you can also upload it to the tool.